Maryland Prevailing Wage Law (state)

The Maryland Prevailing Wage Law provides that construction workers on certain state and state-assisted projects are entitled to the locally prevailing wage, which is comprised of a basic hourly rate and fringe benefits rate.  Examples of covered projects include school construction, affordable housing projects, and public roads.

Frequently asked questions

What If I have no experience in Xero or MYOB?

Not to worry, Xero and MYOB have a library full of free online e-learning videos. Upon our initial setup, we will go through the basics and make sure you are running from the get go.

All my information is with my previous accountant. Can I switch to you guys easily?

Yes! All we need is you previous years Financial Statements. We can get access to all your previous data via the IRD.

Why am I paying too much tax?

Thats a simple question for us. You might of heard things like: 1. Provisional Tax 2. Withholding Tax 3. Terminal Tax We aim to find the best and simplest solution for you so that you can concentrate more on your business.

Do the IRD Audit everyone?

On average, the IRD audit a small percentage of the population every year. With their new bsuiness tarnsformation upgrade, they are able to focus on unusual submission using data analytics and monitering. Talk to us if you are concerned about a potential review or audit.

I bought my property long time ago and want to sell. Will I be paying a Capital Gains Tax?

Most likely not. As long as you fall outside the Brighline rules and other property tax rules, you are safe. We deal with developers and property dealers whom like to structure their affairs so that they have optimal cashflow and protect their family assets from their development. Talk to us today for a personalised solution.


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